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1. Airports - Could fly into Sacramento or Chico airports - Driving time from Sacramento to the ranch is 1-1/2 hrs. From Chico it is 1-1/4 hours.

For people who fly general aviation - there is the Willows airport, along the I-5. To the ranch it is 25 minutes and we can use one of the trucks to pick people up from there.

2. In Willows there are several Motels - Best Western and the like. They are  ok as commuter hotels, but nothing fancy.

3. Activities off the ranch but close by:

     2.5 hours away - Napa wine Country
     3 hours - San Francisco
     1.75 hours - Sacramento
     1.5 Hours - Red Bluff
     2.0 Hours+ - Redding
     Mendocino Coast - 4.0 Hours
     Clear Lake region - 2.5 hours

More local - From the ranch times and distances:
Casino - north on I - 5 in Orland - easy slots - they also have a hotel. 45 minutes away
Restaurants - some very good ones in Chico - 1hr:15min away.
Wild life Sanctuary - South of Willows - interesting for nature lovers -40 minutes away
Thunder Hill Raceway - Car club racing  - free to the public - located just west of Willows with something going on most of the time - 20 minutes away from the ranch and 5 minutes west of Willows
Live stock auctions - in Orland once a week

Shopping - Real shopping is in Chico. City has all the malls and big box stores, also has the boutiques you would usually find in a college town, and it has movie theaters and pretty much anything else of a city of 100,000+ people. This is the home of Chico State, the second oldest State campus in California and a nice place to see. The town also has good entertainment at the campus auditorium and at the Sierra Nevada Brewery.

Immediate need shopping - there is a Wal-mart in Willows.

In Elk Creek - 4.5 miles from the ranch there is one old time bar/restaurant. Beer and well drinks are cheap, there is a pool table; the locals are few and friendly (including the Indians from the local res.) and the restaurant makes some good steaks. It's a real cowboy bar. There is another one south of Elk Creek in Stoneyford.

For meat lovers - This is the region, there are some good old fashioned and famous steak houses - Tri-tip and Prime rib are the cuts of choice.

On the ranch:     Best things that time of year are:

        Views - This is truly God's country in the Spring
        Hikes - especially for photography and artistically inclined people Green pastures, horses, ATV's and all the other things away from        civilization.
Hope this helps.
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